Freeze Dried Food and Why It’s the Best Option for Long Term Emergency Food Supplies


Freeze Dried Process

Freeze Dried Food and Why It’s the Best Option for Long Term Emergency Food Supplies 


Freeze dried food are foods processed by means of freeze drying. Foods that can be freeze dried include the following: grains, beans, fruits, meats, seafood, pasta, vegetables and eggs – meaning, freeze drying has a large range of foods (which can also be freeze dried as viands) that can add variety to the family’s food storage and is one of the main reasons it is the most popular form of creating an emergency food supply.

There are other food options one can store in their pantry for emergency use, options include canned products or food packets like instant noodles, but when talking about long term emergency food supply, the best option used by most people is freeze dried food.

Why Freeze Dried Food?

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First. Freeze dried food is all for long term food storage because of its guaranteed long shelf life. Freeze dried food manufacturers have guaranteed their products to last for over 25 years. Foods sealed in plastic packets last for only a few months and canned goods may last for around 1-5 years, so for those who choose these, they might have to rotate and restock on a regular basis, whereas, for those choosing to have freeze dried food as emergency food options, one can purchase a few for every payday, store it, and forget about it – until the day it is actually needed.

Second. Freeze dried food is lightweight. This stems from the fact that water has been removed from it (and take note that most of the weight of the food we eat is its water content). This particular attribute of freeze dried food makes it portable, and in such times when you will need to move, bringing freeze dried food along with you will not be a burden. While it is widely used by backpackers and hikers, it is also recommended for those preparing themselves and their homes for any disaster. Having your own food storage will no longer be a back-breaking job.

Heating Freeze Dried Food

Third. Freeze dried food is convenient. In the event of an emergency, you will not have time to cook, or even think about what to serve your family. But with freeze dried foods, you have the convenience of a meal prepared in an instant, and have it every day without worrying if it is too different from what you and your family are used to. Freeze dried foods come in various kinds of food (see above), and that includes cooked viands. Just add water, wait a few minutes, and serve. Nothing to it.

And fourth. Freeze dried food is a more nutritious long term food option than others primarily because freeze dried foods don’t need preservatives or additives, and because freeze drying allows the food to retain most of its nutrient content, and also its taste! No need for seasoning after rehydration, because the taste will most likely be the same as it was before it was freeze dried. And no need to worry about your family’s diet during disaster period, just have the freeze dried foods with the essential nutrients for survival at hand and you’re all set.


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